Global wireless Approvals

While innovative product design and features are at the heart of competitive advantage in the market, wireless technology have become an integral part of these many innovations.

The challenge is for manufacturers is to meet their target market regulatory requirements. The wireless modules may comply with the requirements but once they are integrated into the final product, the regulatory requirements may be quite different.

The products must meet a range of local laws and guidelines before the final product or module can access the market.

Our highly experienced team with their working knowledge of global requirements will

  • Leverage their many years of developing relationships with regional and national bodies to guide you in meeting all requirements in a timely and predictable manner.
  • We navigate through the maze of requirements to obtain the required Telecom/RF Type approvals. There are four general paths for obtaining the required wireless approvals
    • Self-Declaration
    • Test Report Acceptance
    • Out of Country Testing
    • In Country Testing
  • No matter the path required in your target markets our experts will help meet the national requirements in over 150 countries.
  • Our team will determine applicable regulations, managing product compliance for all required countries and that will 
    • Save time and money –by covering all your testing and certification needs through our one stop solution, as well as reviewing all technical data to avoid retests and minimize cost.
    • Minimize risk –of business disruption by ensuring that your products conform to a broad range of global market regulations.
    • Shorten time to market –through our advanced knowledge of regulations.

Our services 

  • Pre-evaluation (modules or final products) – Identify applicable standards in each target country and the most efficient certification approach. 
  • Testing coordination - In country or out of country testing coordination including in-depth technical support on trouble shooting and sample preparation. 
  • Certification Obtain country approvals against the requirements of over 100 countries.
  • Research Our highly experienced team has in-depth knowledge of the latest changes and updates to the global regulations and standards which are relevant to your products and target markets.
  • Certification maintenance and project management – To ensure all certificates are valid by timely renewal and updated if any there have been any design changes etc.